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MasD Magazine is a serial publication edited by the Faculty of Design, Image and Communication at Universidad El Bosque. As part of the Faculty editorial strategy, it has become a basic tool for publishing design content in digital media. It is focused on the proffesional and academic community of Design.

This project started in 2006 as a concern of the deanship of the Faculty, which was willing to open a communication channel that would allow national and international researchers, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students to publish their research, writing and concerns about the discipline of Design. Led by teachers and supported by students of the Faculty, MasD has earned an important role in the national and international field of Design, as well as in the academic structure of the University.

In 2013, after reaching the required institutional stability and having met the goals outlined in its inception, the magazine has started a new phase in which it will focus on enhancing scientific contents without neglecting the dissemination of the activities developed by students and teachers in the University. The goal is to become a reference publication for the dissemination of research in the field of Design in Colombia, Latin America and the world.

Focus and scope

MasD magazine is focused on design and visual communication in its broadest sense. It will accept papers addressing any of the following subjects:

  • History, theory and critics of Design
  • Education and pedagogy of Design
  • Innovation processes applied to Design
  • Industrial design, technology, materials and productive processes
  • Urban and architectonical design
  • Graphic design and visual communication
  • Health and quality of life promotion through Design
  • Social dimension of Design
  • Handicrafts and cultural industry

MasD magazine holds a permanent call for research papers, with a commitment to proceed with peer review and eventual publication of the writings in the shortest possible term. Eventually may thematic calls be opened with specific deadlines and conditions.

MasD magazine is open to the entire academic community in the field of Design. In this sense, opinions expressed by authors do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine.


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