Call for papers 2014-1: Materials and processes

An essential element of any product, be it an object of everyday life, an architectural building, an industrial mechanism or a unique craft item, is the materials and manufacturing processes that make it possible. Materials and processes used to realizing ideas are key variables in the design process, including the determination of the components of a solution. Their analysis allows to adapt and validate the attributes of a product at all stages of the design process, contrasting their characteristics with the objectives to achieve . The selection of materials and manufacturing processes are essential to articulate coherently the product and the needs in terms of costs, durability, maintenance, finishes, marketability, productivity and other formal aspects and its projection into the future.

This reflection has to be inscribed in a historical moment when major changes are occurring in world economy. We are witnessing a focus shift towards “knowledge economy” and new requirements in terms of sustainability and quality of life, which are encouraging a critical review of many of the beliefs about material world, restoring traditional materials and processes that had been displaced by industrial modernity and opening new hybrid possibilities.

MasD is interested to share any experience of design where materials and processes have played a key role, any research that explores the possibilities of new materials or new uses for traditional materials, including the application of new manufacturing processes. We also welcome reflections from history, theory or criticism about the influence of materials or processes on the practice and teaching of design in all its dimensions and disciplines.

General conditions

  • Deadline: March 1st 2014.
  • Original research works written in Spanish or English will be accepted.
  • Manuscripts shall meet the conditions specified in Author Guidelines.
  • They shall be sent to the following e-mail address:

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